What Frames are Made of and Why

What Frames are Made of and Why……..

Monel – A mixture of the metals nickel, copper, iron, and zinc. Frames made from Monel are known for their durability and vivid colors.

Stainless Steel  - Although it’s a lightweight and thin product, stainless steel is surprisingly durable. Due to its thinness, stainless steel is less apparent than most frame materials. Most people who have skin allergies choose to wear stainless steel frames.

Titanium - Known as a precious metal, titanium is highly resilient and the lightest-weight material used in the industry today.Titanium is completely hypoallergenic and is ideal for patients with highly sensitive skin conditions.

Zylonite  - Also known as plastic, “zyl” products vary from light to moderately heavy in appearance and weight. These eyewear products sport a variety of vivid colors and fun shapes.